Mila Vybornykh
Hi! I'm Mila, and I'm a commercial and narrative director.

My journey started when I shot my first film as a student in the Short Filmmaking course at the Moscow Film School. It was a black-and-white short film in French, visually inspired by Ingmar Bergman. There was a ballerina dancing –I dedicated the film to my dad. That work got me into the "Koroche" festival, and it received an award for the "deep exploration of the theme" in a festival in France. Overall, I fulfilled all my creative ambitions back in my student days.Now, after all my experience as a short film director, I'm happily diving into shooting commercials, documentary short films, and music videos. Aesthetics, beauty, and freshness are the core of all my works.

I pay particular attention to color and music. It is valuable for me to work on commercials where a strong creative team is involved, and everything is thought out to the smallest detail. In those situations, I can do my work at the highest level. I truly believe that shooting commercials is one of thekey modern directions in video content making that shapes the taste, vision, and perception of the entire society. That's why I approach each project with great responsibility and pa
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