Aleksandr Dmitriev
My name is Sasha. I was always fascinated by filmmaking. Remember how badly I wanted to got to all the making of videos after watching the movie.

I graduated from Faculty of Physics MSU. During time when my classmates were starting their careers in consulting and audit I followed my heart and went to work on a film set. Having got to know the world of cinema more closely, and being inspired with the profession of cinematographer I entered the Moscow Film School. Studying at this institution opened for me a huge number of creative personalities who continue to inspire me to this day.

I am amazed how the technically verified structure of cinema touches the invisible strings of the soul and gives rise to emotions within us. I want to create every time I feel this magic on myself.

I believe that we all came into the profession because we experienced the emotions of cinema. And we wanted to learn how to do the same. Make people feel. Cinema is a universal language. I love him endlessly for the fact that he makes it possible to say much more than words can express.

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