Hello, my name is Farid.

Fantasy is the basis of my creativity. As a child, after reading a book, I fantasised about how the lives of the characters turned out. As a teenager, I was making up visuals while listening to songs. And then I fell in love with the cinema.

Cinema has largely shaped me. Meetings with the heroes of Francois Ozon, Lars Von Trier, Bertolucci, Almodovar, Woody Allen seemed more interesting than hanging out with friends or studying.

For the formation of my style I am indebted not only to the great directors. My vision is impossible without the old MTV, music clips of the late 90s and early 00s. They taught me succinctness, allegory, and ability to express a visual message in a limited time.

In any works, I pay attention to the content, what my characters «are about». I see this as a way to create a kind of symbiosis between commerce and creativity.

The most important thing for me is to perceive the moment in the presentation and halftones of emotions In my works. I like to tell solid stories with allusions, bring the audience to my conclusions and share fantasies.
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