Oleg Kibisov
I was born in Moscow. The first time I went on a film set was when I was a child,when my parents worked as production designers. Looking for something to dowith myself, I huddled with the camera crew and watched how in an empty anddark pavilion they created what was shown in cinemas, on the TV screen in thehouse where I lived as a child, on glowing banners in the city.

Then I realized that what interests me most is working on an image, especiallywhen technique and precise calculation help convey a feeling.

At the age of 14 I went to study at the Moscow International Film School. Aftergraduation, I immediately went to work as an DP, I had little experience, it wasvery exciting, but now I understand that it was the right decision.In my free time from filming I like to do CGI, it helps me in my work right now, andin the future, with the development of technology, a deep understanding of theseprocesses for the DP will be even more important.

I love learning something new, finding new ways to convey feelings andsensations through images, I love responsibility, tight timings, and I also loveworking in a team. I strive to achieve a three-dimensional image and prefer wideangleoptics, but am open to projects in different styles. My works have beenawarded at international festivals and published on the Directors library.

I will be glad to get to know you better!