Anna Guseva
Director and Disco Dancer.

«Every music video and commercial shoot is an embodiment of my artistic vision and working experience in fashion industry. For me the process of filming is mainly a dynamic art object.

My first directorial work “What Bothers Me” is an award winner of «Visual Art» at the Unknown Film Festival in 2021, which was also shortlisted at the Berlin Commercial Festival and Berlin Fashion Film Festival».

Graduated from GITIS university in 2011. After working in theatre and cinema industry for six years, she pursued her career as an artist - created paintings and public art objects.

After she participated in the V Moscow Biennale, exhibitions in Paris, Düsseldorf and Bruges, her artistic career became the foundation for a new life chapter – she started working as a creative director and stylist on fashion shootings and commercials.

As a stylist and creative director, she collaborated with many foreign fashion magazines and creative agencies such as Schön! Magazine, Kunst Magazine, Contributor, Vogue Italy, Kaltbult Magazine, etc.

Anna has been teaching at the British Higher School of Art & Design BHSAD since 2017.

During her work in fashion industry, she founded the «GOOSEVA KOMANDA» agency, which became one of the leaders in fashion styling in Moscow. Today the agency has more than 20 top stylists and specializes in development of creative ideas, fashion styling and the work of costume designers.

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