Nikita Rogov
I was born in Moscow. As a child, I watched all foreign music videos and horror films. This was the begging of my love to visualization.

At the age of 18, I worked as a casting director for commercials and music videos, at the same time studied at the cinematography courses in the Moscow Film School andpracticed in Moscow and America on the shootings of my friends directors. I got my first SLR camera GH5 and my first steps began. I started with fashion videos and then moved on to music videos shooting on 8 mm and 16 mm motion picture film. For 4 years I managed to work on music videos with famous youth artists and commercial projects.

In my work, I focus on details, forms of storytelling and non-standard visual solutions. It is important for me to tell stories in which a person saw not only visual beautiful solutions, but also questions to which we are looking for answers.
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