I was born in the heart of Siberia, which had a huge influence on my vision and style of work.I didn’t go to any filmmaking school, I’ve learnt filmmaking troughthe prism of snowboarding and skateboarding culture. Today I realise that many great filmmakers began their artistic journey by filming friends and doing extreme sports. My inspiration and the great example of that is Academy Award director Spike Jonze.

Filming and producing own snowboard and cycling documentaries has given a lot of skills and experience that I applied to my commercial works as a director of photography.

I have crafted my own visual style, inspired by the elements of nature and the texture of sports. Filming and snowboarding at the same time or filming surfing from the water is no problem.

I am not afraid of the long expeditions to the ends of the world, because the result is always worth the effort.

Now, I am constantly improving mydirecting skills, but still love to create beautiful images as a director of photography.