Dima Litvinov
My creative journey began with dancing, but I soon realized that this profession would not offer enough opportunities and a promising future. Starting to search for something else, I discovered that I was drawn to "image creation." This led me to photography, then I quickly moved to filmmaking and, ultimately, became a colorist and director of photography.

My path began with self-learning on YouTube in Guangzhou, and after a year, I relocated to Saint Petersburg to work in a production company. Four years later, my passion for color grading took me to the heart of the Russian film industry—Moscow. Another four years down the road, I found an exciting opportunity and moved to Los Angeles, where I now reside, continuing to work in Moscow and, recently, in Bangkok.

During my career, I have been fortunate to collaborate with leading international brands and magazines, as well as with distinguished directors and cinematographers. I am constantly in search of new projects and open to new acquaintances. I also enjoy inspiring familiar directors for new projects. Let's create something cool together!