I was born and raised in suburban town near Moscow – Zelenograd. There I graduated from MIET University (National Research University of Electronic Technology). Despite the mathematical turn of mind, I was always into the Arts.
Up to now the best source of inspiration for me is Cinema and Literature.

I remember in my spare time off school and university I studied design and photography as a hobby. In 2010 I bought my first camera Canon 550d and this exact moment marked my transition to the world of digital video.

In 2013 after graduation and rank of stand-by lieutenant I was free from my obligations to the parents and finally moved to Moscow.

I had no idea how the industry works nor how to get there, but at that time I already had Dir — Dop reel. As well as finished acting and directing courses. In one year I went from making backstages and videos for marketing departments to my first advert on TV. At the moment I am working in very different directions, making commercials, music videos, social advertising, documentaries and short films.

There are no such words for me as “I can’t” or “I don’t want to”. Video is my passion. I begin every project with great interest and desire to create something new.

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