Ola Pankova
Hi, I’m Ola. I am a cinematographer. I don’t keep my work and life separate -every project is my personal story. I have always been keen on drawing and street photography. My first education was in art. I even have a master degree in composition theory, but what has truly captured my imagination is our reality. In 2016−2018 I studied directing at Marina Razbezhkina documentary film school. In my final thesis, I studied a famous Russian rapper known as Haski. In February 2018, I worked as a workshop leader in a film making class in TUMO (Armenia), where "I, Gyumry" was created. I also worked as a film lab curator at the SIFF in august 2020. My profession is one of a kind, and I love it for the opportunity to observe life and speak to reality in a speciallanguage. My favourite parts of cinematography are light production and the mutually beneficial creative team effort that no film making process could go without. I have quite contradictory passions: tender fashion movies, bold documentaries, and combining documentary and mixed media parts in music videos and commercials.
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