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Pavel Lakhtachev

Pavel was born and grew up in Southen Ural. Due to nature’s beauty and diversity he taught to feel the world around. That’s why when Pavel was studying at pedagogical university, he already knew that his future would be connected with photography. To become a photographer means to capture such moments that are intangible in fact. While studying he improves his skills by taking part in workshops of leading photographers, attending photoschools, making experiments in various styles. After that he becomes the head of the Federal photoportal in Chelyabinsk.
Several years later Pavel begins collaborating with PressFoto Production Studio and moves to Saint-Petersburg. As the photographer he takes pictures that are successfully sold all over the world at macro and micro photostocks. Along with this Pavel is making progress in other fields of photography, his passion is Fashion Week. He prefers to be behind the scene during the show: observe, catch the moments. Pavel finds it very important to feel the inside, therefore backstage comes out to be very alive.
After George Pinhasov’s lessons Pavel can’t imagine his life without street photos. Every time he leaves home, he takes his “third eye” (pocket camera) and secretly becomes the witness of happening around.
“I think that the secret of good snapshot is that you shouldn’t set yourself as the photographer against the object. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a person or an event. You should turn into this object, feel the rhythm, follow its changes, thereafter its inner world opens to you. When the unity comes, the real sincere and unique picture appears. For this reason I press the trigger’s shutter instinctively, when I feel special energy and emotions.”

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