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Nina Koltchitskaya, Artist/photographer, born on February 27th 1987, in Russia.
Originally from Moscow, Russia, where she lived for the first 10 years of her life, Nina has afterward lived in Vientiane, Laos and in Milan, Italy, before moving to Paris, France, where she lives and works today. After studying literature and philosophy at la Sorbonne in Paris, then as a photographer at the ICART Photo School in Paris, she presented a first personal photo exhibition entitled "Love me tender" in June 2010, followed by a second personal photo exhibition in April 2012 « Amazone ».
Born in a family of painters, filmmakers and theater people, to live and work in the world of art imposed itself to Nina as an obvious path. Traveling without ever really settling down pushed her into photography, and gave her the desire to create her own universe. A photo camera to record, capture people's feelings, and mix it with her own emotions: expressing her own privacy, her anxieties, her imagination. Using only film cameras for all of her projects, Nina favors the authenticity of the film to digital photography. Grain and dust from the film tells an additional story for each photograph Nina creates. The process of surprise and mystery makes each photo more unique. Nina's passion for drawing and painting developed later, but her portraits with frozen faces intend to express the same mixture of proximity and distance - between feelings of others and her own private emotions that Nina transmits through her photographs and her paintings. Accuracy and inaccuracy are everywhere, in order not to ignore the imperfections of each individual human being, while the colors characterize the freedom of feeling, of imagination. As a journey into the dreams or the soul of her characters - a very intimate work.
Personal photo exhibition - "LOVE ME TENDER" - , Paris. 2010
Group painting exhibition - "TWIST", at Galerie "Images de Fer" Paris Saint Germain, Paris. 2011
Personal photo exhibition - "AMAZONE", at "le KUBE", Paris. 2012
Group photo exhibition in collaboration with World Wide Women (charity project with "Desert Flower" by Waris Dirie) - "A WANDERER'S EYE", Paris. 2012.
Collaboration with "MAÏPROJECT"  - MAIPROJECT WEARS NINA KOLT : - 2012
Group painting exhibition - "YOUTH", Paris. March 2013 Personal photo exhibition (in preparation) - Paris. June 2013.
Group photo exhibition in collaboration with World Wide Women collective : « Ritual » .  London / Camden - COB GALLERY, 17-21 december 2014
Personal photo exhibition - "PARADISE HUNTERS" September 2014-february 2015 at SIBLINGS FACTORY, 30 rue du vieux marché aux grains, BRUSSELS, BELGIUM.
Short film - « LA COMETE » 2015
Short film - « ERRATIC DISPOSITION » 2014. Screened at the Russian Film Festival, Honfleur, FRANCE.
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