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Pavel Buryak | UA

As a USSR citizen I was born in the north of Ukraine in 1991. i spent my childhood traveling with my father around the country.

At the age of 10, I went to Italy for two years, where I studied Italian and art at school.

In 2008 in Kiev I started to study International Relations and worked as fashion journalist. After that, during international program «work and travel» at the age of 19, I went to work to Washington DC as a lifeguard and afterwards moved to work to New York City, as production assistant in photo agency. This period and work had a great influence on me and from that moment I felt that I want to make my own product and shoot movies, music videos, documentaries and commercials. I wanted share my stories. So I pushed forward idea of directing videos and in 2012 I graduated from Prague Film School as a film director.

During last 6 years I filmed lot of commercials for different brands, such as: Red Bull, Lipton, Samsung, Heinz, Huawei, Lenta, Yandex and more. As co-director filmed a 30 min short film «PITER by» and as director and writer made 10 min music film «BOY». In the same time, I started to work as creative producer of shorts with international directors, shooting on 16mm film. One of this projects named «E.W.A.» was elected for AFI Film Festival in Los Angeles and another one «Fashionable Animal» was published at NOWNESS — global video channel screening the best in culture, art, music and travel. In 2018, our another short film «Grisha’s Guide» won main prize festivals in Tokyo, Paris, Kiev and Milan.

In 2019 together with my friend we created an Art Education Program named RISA TODAY, non-profit organization, where we share knowledge and experience in Art, Filmmaking, Design, Photography, Fashion and Social activities for school kids. (Program for Kenyan students in Masaai tribe area).

Besides all of this, I am vinyl lover and do photos on 35mm film only. Analog music system and film camera became my best friend, almost everywhere being in my pocket.

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