Leo Gorenshtein | RU

I was born in the 20th century in Pyatigorsk, surrounded with parents’ love and the genuine green color. 21st century was the time when I moved to Moscow to study programming and live separate from parents. I was looking for my place in the world for a while, working in television as a scriptwriter of comedy shows, but then I came to a final understanding, what I wanted to do to earn my daily truffle sauce burger. I finished studying at WORDSHOP BBDO school of advertising at video making faculty, then I had practical training at NY FILM ACADEMY. Apart from commercials, I like filming music videos and short movies. What I like in advertising most of all is uncommon storytelling, whether in a vignette or a classical narrative. I think my strong suit is irony and stories with humor in general. Good humor, of course. I think that not every story should be filmed with handheld camera work and dolly zoom. To make it work, you should find balance. The most important element of clips for me is acting and color. In my work I often get inspired by music, I think it’s the best aid in pursuit of the right image.

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