Kirill Vychkin | RU

I’m Director and Art Director with a long history in creating and developing ideas for fashion/brand films, feature films, theater productions and music videos, styling ad campaigns and editorials and more. Being more than 9 years into industry was a great opportunity to enhance my professional skills and build long lasting relationships with the most creative specialists and proven talents in video and photo. I have a strong background art directing and collaborating  with VOGUE, NIKE, CHANEL, DANONE, Van Cleef&Arples, Conde Nast, L`Oreal to name a few. My skill set includes all aspects of developing overall look and major style of a project or ad campaign; directing artwork, photography and style elements developed by staff member as well as coordinating activities with other artistic or creative departments.

CHANEL Allure Versa NIKE CHIC Hotel Forma Sport Short Film