Eugene Lobanov | RU

Started from painting but later found myself in photography. Make advertising pictures and other commercial and non-commercial projects mostly in lifestyle manner. I love lifestyle because it opens for me all the best sides of life without limits in all the colors life has to offer. For me it’s just like a flash of ideal imaginary life. That is my own comfortable space for creation when the shooting process transforms from technical kind to a kind of passion. The level of modern technology is very high. Usually, a professional camera offers more opportunities than you need. This is great, because it let’s you simplify the process and forget about the gear and concentrate on creativity.
I think about creating my portfolio as a kind of propaganda of the best things I consider in life: childishness, love, friendship, peace, nature and animals, people uniting together all over the world. The lack of sun in Russia makes the people hungry sunlight. The most difficult time for me is long, grey, cloudy winter. So I decided to praise the sun in my pictures.
I find the photography is more adequate as a transfer of different kinds of human emotions like music without complicated conceptual ‘tricks’. Themes always change during the history. But emotions are constant! In other photographers’ works I am also looking for a photographer’s intent to make the viewers feel positive emotions, pleasure or make them better as human beings, not keeping them depressed or in fear. I think art should be a kind of drug or instrument to improve the world around us, motivating people to be active, not passive and frustrated.

My motto: train your intuition, don’t trust politicians, listen to people but have your own opinion, be a friend and have friends, not because its benefits, and share yourself!