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Olga Zhurba

After graduating from Kiev cinema high school Olga worked for a year as an editor of movie trailers. From the very beginning of her career, Olya honed her skill in telling the story brightly, originally, emotionally, intriguingly, and most importantly, briefly. After Olga had gained considerable experience in building the structure of short stories and spectacular editing she confidently moved into the ranks of the filmmakers of promotional videos for TV content (one of them won an award of the PROMAXBDA GLOBAL AWARDS ), and then commercials for the Belarusian and Ukrainian market. Her recent works combine a so-called fancy style where commercial connects with art.
In parallel to the entrance to the commercial’s market, Olga also shoots music videos, which are markedly distinguished by the original style and subtly built atmosphere.
Olga is one of those directors to whom the client returns again. Creativity, perfectionism and high self-giving each time leave a positive impression on everyone with whom Olga worked, but the main thing is a highly professional result.