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Murad Nogmov

Graduated from Petersburg University of Cinema and Television with Bachelor Degree in Filmmaking.
Since 2009 to 2015 has been working in Petersburg as a director and cameraman on various projects.
" ...I wanted to work in different areas of the industry for better understanding of Film Directing, Cinematography, Set Design, Color Grading etc. 
In 2011 I was lucky to get a chance working as a 2nd DOP on a full meter “Summer, Peter, Love. In 2015 I jumped in the world of advertising and since then and have been privileged working with advertising agencies and brands such as - Adidas, VTB, Kaspersky, Hotpoint, Yandex, Coca Cola^, Samsung, BBDO and many more.
P.S. In my “bookmarks”: Gustav Johanson, Christian Larson, Somesuch, The Mill, QUAD, Gavras, Akerlund..."
He likes to experiment, which is why can find a wide range of different commercials in his reel - from documentary styled manifests to fashion commercials shot on film.