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Ivaylo Minov is an award-winning short film director, best known for his films Lunch Break (comedy drama, 2012, 19’) and Parking (2014, drama, 19’), which was awarded Best Short Film by the Bulgarian Film Academy and Best Bulgarian Short by In The Palace Film Fest, and competed at the major fest in Clermont-Ferrand, Glasgow, Sofia and Vilnius. He’s currently in post-production of his short The One You Follow andin pre-production for another short, Mother. Ivaylo was also recently shortlisted by Le Groupe Ouest’s prestigious Less Is More platform to develophis feature debut.

Ivaylo has worked as a journalist before gaining experience in the film industry as casting director, first and second AD and location manager. He is a graduate the London Film Academy in 2007 and an established commercials director.

Ivaylo lives and works between Sofia and London.