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DemetrI Zuev

Ever since he was a child Demetri was hooked on cinema, consuming every movie he could find on bootleg VHS tapes and in old cinema theaters across 90s Moscow. However the desire to make moving images himself took a backseat until 2009 when he began working as a TV director. A couple of years flashed by and in 2011 using the experience he gained he started a production company specializing in music videos and decided on his path as a director, honing his skills throughout many projects to come in a practical on set environment.
In recent years he has switched to freelance commercial directing, shooting spots for clients such as Adidas, Alcatel, IZZE and others both domestically and across the Pacific. He's gravitating towards a story-driven spots as well as unconventional and stylized visuals and is meticulous in his attention to every detail both on and off set during the production process. He likes to write or co-write his spots as well, when the opportunity presents itself.
While continuing to develop his path in commercials Demetri has not forgotten his passion for film, he is working on several short film scripts and planning to bring them to screen soon.