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Andrey Trevgoda

Was born and raised in Moscow, Russian Federation. From young age he had a passion for drawing and shooting videos with his friends. After getting his degree in visual communication in Moscow, he moved to New York to study filmmaking. After two years of conservatory program he graduated with honors, his thesis film had a very good audience reviews, and school heads recognition, later participated in a number of festivals around the world.  After graduation he is residing in New York, working as a freelance director and cinematographer. He worked for such brands like Yandex, Yota, MTV, Viber, Olympic Channel, Vice and musicians like Locksley, Alphavite, Maks Korzh, Dets aka Le Trukl, Sophie Fay, Jordan Laz and others. His visual style defines with the strong attention to details, subtext film language and precise, bulletproof compositions.