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Alexander Alexandrov is a director and cinematographer. Originally from Russia, Alexander is currently based in Los Angeles and works worldwide.
Alex began his professional career during the emerging time of pro digital cinema, noticing an opportunity for filmmakers like him to execute their projects in ways not possible before. He put his savings towards buying a digital cinema camera and started offering himself as a freelance director/cinematographer. Alexander compares his passion for the camera to the way that a musician would view his instrument.
During his first projects in Hollywood, Alexander had the opportunity to learn under the industry's leading directors, cinematographers and lighting technicians. He was constantly honing his craft, continuously shooting projects he was passionate about in order to grow his portfolio and showcase his vision, “to get hired for who you are, rather than to just get work,” and established himself as a working director with original visual voice.
Alexander describes his style as cinematic, sensitive, emotional, and visual story telling with elements of beauty and fashion, containing a bit of character, and a slight edge. He likes motivated lighting and beautiful scenery. As an experienced feature film
cinematographer, Alexander is capable of shooting projects both large and intimately small, offering a unique blend of directing and cinematography skills. He also enjoys shooting stills - character driven portraits and editorials.
Alexander is proficient with shooting cinema quality material. He prefers working on unique projects with a certain heartbeat as he likes to immerse himself in creating something visually original, stirring emotional response from the viewer and leaving a memorable footprint.
He has collaborated with distinct brands and artists such as Nicola Formichetti, Delorean Motor Company, Minimale Animale, VW, CNN, Black & Decker, and Hornitos to name a few.
Alexander sees filmmaking as a challenging yet extremely rewarding profession that allows him to celebrate and share life in many creative ways. He prides himself on staying effective, humble, creating for joy and ultimately letting the work speak for itself.