Nikita Rogov | RU


Nikita Rogov | RU

I was born in Moscow. As a child, I watched all foreign music videos and horror films. This was the begging of my love to visualization.

At the age of 18, I worked as a casting director for commercials and music videos, at the same time studied at the cinematography courses in the Moscow Film School andpracticed in Moscow and America on the shootings of my friends directors.I got my first SLR camera GH5 and my first steps began. I started with fashion videos and then moved on to music videos shooting on 8mm and 16mm motion picture film.For 4 years I managed to work on music videos with famous youth artists and commercial projects.

In my work, I focus on details, forms of storytelling and non-standard visual solutions. It is important for me to tell stories in which a person saw not only visual beautiful solutions, but also questions to which we are looking for answers.

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Leonid Kim | RU


Leonid Kim | RU

As a kid I never thought I am ever to be associated with art.

One of my memories from a kinder-garden —I am the one who solves easiest chess quizzes showed by the chess teacher from a local school. Since I was sixI went to a chess club, attended a couple of local tournaments and played some rather decent games.

Then I remember my parents brought me to choose something else beside chess as I grew tired of them. For the next four or five years I got into the rocket-modelling sport. In thirteen I am getting my first big prize —a medal during the World Cup Stage.

Soon after that I got into a math-physics school, one of the best in Russia, 1502 lyceum. Everyone predicted I was going to be a bright future engineer just like my father. And there my rebellious nature I was never aware of started kicking in —I decided that no chance I will follow a path of any of my classmates: no programming, no engineering, I gotta pick something different.

Two years after I got enrolled into one of the best art schools in Europe, Arts University Bournemouth, UK where I studied filmmaking and fine art photography.

I was surrounded by extremely talented people, the graduates were getting BAFTAs and were signed for agencies straightout of the university. That was a complete turn-around for me.

The next three years I’ve spent trying to figure how to find the balance. I was equally fascinated by coding and math quizzes as by grabbing a camera and running towards a sunset. I see beauty in both prime factorisation and in every shot from the Linklater’s Boyhood.

In the end art is everywhere, every line of code is an artistic choice, just like every camera move.Balancing between science and art is what I believe makes me who I am: maybe too cold-minded for an artist, maybe too free-minded for a scientist, ̶m̶a̶y̶b̶e̶f̶u̶c̶k̶y̶o̶u̶r̶s̶e̶l̶f̶


Yaroslav Golovkin | RU

Passmurny | Cердце

Yaroslav Golovkin | RU

My family, mostly painters coming from rostov on don, raised me in a visually rich environment.Grandparents worked in a museum while my dad started growing as a fashion photographer. I’ve studied cinematography in Moscow school of new cinema, frequentlyworking with short films, but later, I drifted into even more experimental formsas a director.As a first good sign on this path I’ve got a positive feedback from Dazed&Confused who posted our small fashion project that I’ve shot in London.For now I’m keen on making music videos, commercials and other moving image forms which may reflect the spirit of the contemporaneity

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Ola Pankova | RU


Ola Pankova | RU

Hi, I’m Ola. I am a cinematographer. I don’t keep my work and life separate -every project is my personal story. I have always been keen on drawing and street photography. My first education was in art. I even have a master degree in composition theory, but what has truly captured my imagination is our reality. In 2016-2018 I studied directing at Marina Razbezhkina documentary film school. In my final thesis, I studied a famous Russian rapper known as Haski. In February 2018, I worked as a workshop leader in a film making class in TUMO (Armenia), where “I, Gyumry” was created. I also worked as a film lab curator at the SIFF in august 2020. My profession is one of a kind, and I love it for the opportunity to observe life and speak to reality in a speciallanguage. My favourite parts of cinematography are light production and the mutually beneficial creative team effort that no film making process could go without. I have quite contradictory passions: tender fashion movies, bold documentaries, and combining documentary and mixed media parts in music videos and commercials.

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Artem Zamashnoy | RU


Artem Zamashnoy | RU

He is an observer that helps things to be be detached from any sentimentalism. He helps them to find the way to go further than what meets the eye and to document what is beyond their simple appearance. He sees in world it’s transcendental being that is removed from the world of seeming certainty, that helps it to carry it’s otherness of being. He helps objects of reality to break the silence that threatens the viewer and helps it to appear by endowing them a visual voice.

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Daria Geller | ISR

“We are ABSOLUT” Pernod Ricard

Daria Geller | ISR

My name is Daria Geller,

In summer 2012 I have finished All-Russian State University of Cinematography (VGIK) and since then did not find anything cooler then being behind a camera. Working as a cinematographer and director around the Globe

Born in Russia, currently based in Israel and Paris

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