Vasya Kobelev / Monorave | RU

Perfume Coach

Vasya Kobelev / Monorave | RU

I was born in Ufa. At the university, I studied Engineering of optical communication, but after graduation, I started a designer’s career. I was doing branding, layouts, retouch, renders, etc.

In 2015 I finished with digital and realized that work with tactile materials and creating real objects was closer to me. Later I learned that it was called set design. At the same time, I started shooting to document my sets.

I often use my engineering skills when I need to do some computations, constructions or brazing.

When I shoot Still Life I try to use a variety of materials and techniques. I try to do all things truly to fix less on post-production. I like using irony and humor if appropriate.

I’m inspired by Escher, Olafur Eliasson, Physalia, Vallee Duhamel, Caravane.

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