Alexey Velikorodny | RU

When I was a child I dreamt of becoming an Olympic swimming champion. After a week and a half of classes I had to leave my sport due to a cold. I never learnt to swim but realized one simple truth: if you want to achieve something, you need to work hard.

As a consolation I was gifted a camera. It was the first camera in my life. My attempts to take photos of the classmates after school in the fields and behind garages grew into something bigger. I regret only one might-have-been photo shoot when a young cleaning lady refused at the supermarket. You can’t imagine what a unique appearance she had! At the faculty of directing in Saint Petersburg the approved topic of my thesis with all the accomplishments was rejected. Ten days before the diploma film presentation we had to make a new film. I can say for sure that I am able cope with radical alterations.  Right now I’m directing ads, fashion films and photography. It’s very essential for me to bring every element to perfection in the work, however it doesn’t exclude a chance of a justified mischief. My clients are ELLE, Hermes, The Blueprint, Client mag., Weekend, Tatyana Parfionova and etc. I abide by a principle of new fulfillments. My best project will be launched tomorrow. And so it’s over and over again.